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BioTector - analyseur de COT en ligne

COT, DCO, DBO, CT, CIT, COV - Le processus d'oxydation qui s'auto-nettoie totalement

• la technologie auto-nettoyante
• Uptime - Typiquement 99,86%
• Résultats <6,5 minutes
• Multi-gamme
• L'option multi-flux
• modules d'analyse Azote Total et phosphate disponiblesBioTector Analytical Systems






  BioTector Series 4
Organic measurement instrument for
environmental monitoring, process control and waste minimalization. Suitable for waste water and sewage treatment plants.

• Self-cleaning technology
• 2-staged advanced oxidation
• Analysis types: TOC, VOC, TC,
..POC, NPOC, TC (correlated COD,
• No input filtering required – direct
..measurement from sample
• Used in pharmaceutical, chemical,
..pulp & paper, river water monitoring,
..dairy & food processing industries


For more information about the Biotector Organic Measurement see our Product Pages 


BioTector Analyseur de Carbone Organique Total (CO BioTector Analyseur de Carbone Organique Total (CO
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